Basement Wall Insulation

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Basement Wall Insulation is designed for use in both residential and commercial applications where code or builder preference specifies an insulated basement area. The product comes with a white flame-resistant polypropylene or perforated FSK facing. It complies with ASTM C665, Type II, Class A, Category 1. This product is intended for use in applications where the insulation will be left exposed. It can be applied either half-wall or full-wall. (Half-wall is not recommended for hollow block walls; they should be insulated full height.) The facing is available in perforated or unperforated form. The perforated facing is recommended for below-grade masonry walls.

Masonry Wall Insulation

Masonry Wall Insulation is unfaced fiber glass batts designed for use behind paneling in masonry-type construction where cavity depth is limited by the furring strips used. No stapling is required because the batts fit tightly between furring strips.

  Basement and Masonry Wall Spec Sheet
  Residential Insulation MSDS

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