Residential Insulation

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The most popular type of insulation used in residential construction is fiber glass insulation. Fiber glass insulation comes in batts (pre-cut pieces of insulation between 47" and 105" in length) and rolls (available in lengths up to 70 feet). Fiber glass is also made in loose-fill form, which can be blown into attics and walls with a pneumatic blowing machine.

The benefits of properly installed fiber glass insulation include:

Thermal Efficiency – Residential buildings which are not insulated to today’s energy standards can experience substantial heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Installing proper amounts of thermally efficient fiber glass insulation is one of the most cost-effective energy conservation measures that can be taken.

Sound Control – Noise in residences can be controlled by isolating noise sources from the rest of the structure with resilient supports, by absorbing sound energy with porous materials such as fiber glass insulation, and by creating sound barriers between different areas.

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