Overview of Insulation

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All residential and commercial buildings should be insulated to provide maximum thermal efficiency and sound control.

The most popular type of insulation used for both commercial and residential applications is fiber glass insulation. Fiber glass insulation is spun into fibers from molten sand – an abundant and naturally renewable resource – and recycled glass. Fiber glass is available in many forms: insulation batts, rolls, loose-fill insulation, board or blanket.

Fiber glass is so popular because it is economical, durable, non-combustible, non-corrosive and will not absorb moisture; also, inorganic glass fibers will not rot, mildew or otherwise deteriorate. Its energy-saving performance is outstanding: A typical pound of fiber glass saves 12 times the energy used to produce it in the first year in place… and continues to save more energy year after year. Most importantly, fiber glass is a sustainable performer and will not settle when properly installed. The benefit is that it retains its thermal and acoustical performance for the life of the structure without additional maintenance or investment. Installing fiber glass building insulation is an easy, cost-effective method to provide:

Energy Conservation – Fiber glass insulation can help save energy by reducing heat loss and heat gain when properly installed in walls, floors and ceilings.

Noise Control – The acoustical properties of fiber glass insulation allow it to be used to absorb sound and control noise in residential and commercial buildings when combined with a structure that resists sound transmission.

Fire Safety – Building codes regulate the type and location of materials used in building construction to provide for structural stability as well as for an acceptable degree of occupant safety when the building may be exposed to fire. CertainTeed offers insulation products that meet a wide range of fire safety performance requirements. Different CertainTeed facing materials meet code requirements for Class A and Class B surface finishes, low flame spread indices and low smoke development. For more information on fire safety performance of CertainTeed insulation products, refer to the individual product specification sheets.Most CertainTeed fiber glass insulation products have achieved GREENGUARD® Gold Certification for superior indoor air quality performance. This voluntary, third-party certification ensures that CertainTeed products meet or exceed rigorous indoor air quality (IAQ) standrads for more than 10,000 particles and chemical emissions including volatile organic compounds (VOCs).