Commercial Insulation

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Commercial fiber glass insulation comes in batts, pre-cut insulation of varying widths (15", 16", 24") and lengths (48", 93", 96"), and rolls (available in lengths up to 100 feet). Commercial fiber glass boards of varying stiffness (flexible to rigid) and blankets are also available.

The benefits of properly installed fiber glass insulation include:

Thermal Efficiency – Thermal insulation helps save energy and money because it enables buildings to operate more efficiently. A well-insulated building requires less energy to heat and cool, cutting the cost of energy to its owners. Furthermore, every kilowatt-hour of electricity saved by thermal insulation improves the environment by preventing more than 1-1/2 pounds of CO2, a major greenhouse gas, from being released into the atmosphere. Even modest energy efficiency gains have the potential to produce enormous environmental benefits.

Sound Control – Fiber glass insulation in exterior walls can keep excessive outside noise from entering the building. When installed in interior partitions, shaftwalls, ceilings and roof deck assemblies, fiber glass insulation can reduce noise transmission from room to room, control noise within office areas, and attenuate sound emanating from mechanical systems.

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